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The Pink Locket — advice

Business Story & Advice Series: Is This The Right Opportunity For Me?

thepinklocket advice Business Advice business tips creatives entrepreneur Etsy handmade jewelry business tips jewelry designers

  Picture this, you’ve waited for a great one to come along and it finally presents itself-or so you “think” it does.  We’ve all been here at some point in time where we’ve jumped on an opportunity that seemed so right only to find out what have I gotten myself into.  It is okay, we’re […]

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Make It Monday: Business Tips For The Crafty

thepinklocket advice Business Advice business tips craft business craftpreneurs creatives entrepreneurs Etsy Tips

Today’s Make It Monday is a slide show I created from my fellow crafty entrepreneurs on Slidshare . Just some tips I’ve learned from experience when creating The Pink Locket.  Hope you find them useful, please be sure to subscribe to my list for more useful information.

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Marriage Isn’t For Punks…9 Years And Still Going

thepinklocket advice anniversay blended family engagement rings Family marriage relationships Tips Uncategorized wedding

Okay so I had to come up with a creative title to get you to click on this post…lol!  Did it work?? Hopefully, you’re still reading right now.  Today’s post is not going to be about style, fashion or jewelry…it’s one of those post where I sort of let my guard down and let you […]

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Stressed Out? 31 Days Luv Ur Boobs – Day 6 and Day 7

thepinklocket advice breast cancer breast cancer awareness donation Etsy handmade jewelry jewelry mammograms october pink ring the pink locket Tips Uncategorized

  Here’s our tip for Day 6 and 7. “Studies show that social isolation and stress can increase the speed at which breast cancer tumors grow in animal models.”* Be sure to check out our PINK Glory Ring, for the sale of each ring 50% will be donated to the Witness Project of CT.   […]

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Good Short Read-Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

thepinklocket advice book businees craftpreneur derek sivers entrepreneur Tips Uncategorized

I got this book recommendation from CraftMBA‘s blog.  As the summer comes to a close I’m getting my summer reading in.  Specifically targeting books that will help me think about my jewelry business in a different way.  I must say this book by Derek Sivers titled Anything You Want is very enlightening as well as […]

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