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The Pink Locket — Accessories

The Arches Jewelry Collection Coming Soon

thepinklocket Accessories fall fashion fashion handmade jewelry Jewelry Style

Mark your calendars.  Actually  you won’t need to mark your calendars, if you are already on my list you get to shop my NEW collection first.   Now since this is a mini-collection I’ve only created a few of each piece, but if you have subscribed to my list you will have the opportunity to get your hands […]

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Minimalistic Style, My Inspiration Behind My New Collection

thepinklocket Accessories handmade jewelry Jewelry minimalistic style simple jewelry Style

Although my jewelry style is minimalistic, I was just telling a friend of mine the other day that coming up with jewelry designs can be challenging at times when I’m not in the right frame of mind.  Many people ask where I get my inspiration from and to be honest there’s no one answer.  If […]

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Don’t Miss The August Handmade Jewelry Subscription

thepinklocket Accessories box service fashion subscription box handmade jewelry Jewelry jewelry subscription box the pink locket

    The July subscription kicked off great.  I can’t wait to get the August jewelry subscription box out to all of my subscribers.  Once again I’d like to thank my subscribers for believing in my new idea and subscribing!  It means more than you realize.  For those that didn’t sign up for my July handmade box, […]

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Your July Subscription Box Is On The Way…

thepinklocket Accessories fashion handmade jewelry Jewelry jewelry subscription box Style

    Thank you to all our July jewelry subscribers.  Happy to say your box is on the way!  We hope you are as excited as we are here at The Pink Locket.  If you didn’t get a chance to order your box, there’s still time to subscribe to the August box.

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Mismatched Styles Worth Experimenting

thepinklocket Accessories bridesmaid earrings Etsy fashion home decor jewelry mismatch mix metal NYFW print pants Style Trends wedding

I always wondered who came up with the rule that everything should match.  Now I think certain things should, but I also love seeing wonderfully curated objects that pull together for a nicely mismatched look.  I decided to share with you some of my favorite mismatched items from across the web.  Here are some creative […]

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