Holiday Time is Here

The Holiday shopping season is here and orders have began rolling in here at The Pink Locket.  Be sure to check out our Holiday cut-off schedule to ensure enough time for your deliveries.

Holiday Shipping Deadline

If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, we’ll be on site at the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s Holiday Market on Saturday, December 6th from 10am-4pm, so come on and visit the nature center and get some Holiday shopping out of the way from fellow local businesses.  The nature center is also FREE that day, so be sure to bring the family.

 Also be sure to check out “Jewels of the Week!”  Every week we’ll feature a different item from our store that will be sold at near wholesale price (40% off) for that week only.  This week’s item is our Geometric Floating Cuff Links.  On Sunday (November 23rd) we’ll feature a new item.

Geometric Cuff links

Holiday Preparation From a Handmade Jeweler Eyes

Every year it seems like we blink and the Holiday Season is upon us, then we blink again and it’s gone.  A month long of celebrations and shopping will take months of preparation.   Running an online jewelry business planning for my Holiday Season shoppers takes about 6 months.   Here are some of the components I use when planning for a busy holiday shopping season.


Before I spend money on anything related to the Holiday Season, from buying supplies for new designs to spending money on ads I sit down and create a detailed budget.   Besides for tracking my monthly expenses on an Excel spreadsheet, I also create a budget specifically for the Holiday Season.  Some of the expenses I list on my budget are Supplies for Holiday Jewelry Collection, Marketing, Holiday Show Fees, Personnel, and Additional Postage.   I create 2 columns one labeled “Budgeted” and the other “Actual,” this allows me to track my actual spending and to see how close I’m getting to what I’ve budgeted.  Majority of the time I’m a one woman show, but around the Holidays I tend to do more on site shows and need to put aside capital for vendor fees and personnel to help out.  Kabbage is actually an excellent resource to gain additional funding this time of year to help out in these areas particularly.  Once my budget is set I can begin planning out the rest of the season.


Designing a Holiday Collection

Every year I release a new winter/holiday collection and I begin brainstorming ideas for the collection around May/June.   A lot times I’ll look what current designs are working for me and see if I can create something similar, but extra special for the Holiday Season.  Using a sketchpad and Sharpies I sketch out ideas for designs. Here’s an example of something I created for last year’s collection:

Sketchbook_PolaroidPolaroid_Pumpkin Spice Distress Metal Dangle Earrings 1

I start creating the jewelry pieces around July and they are usually posted up online by August/September.   For this year’s Holiday Collection I was inspired by pyrite stones (also known as fool’s gold).  I found a way to work the stones into my metal designs and came up with pieces I think my customers will like.


Shimmer Holiday Jewelry Collection


Time Management and Organization

The Holiday Season gets busy really fast and if I don’t have a good handle on time management and organization things will go haywire really fast.  With organization I work more efficiently when I have a bird’s eye view of everything.  A few weeks ago I came across the pdf version of Passion Planner and it’s such a lifesaver.  It has helped me organize my tasks and goals week by week.  I include everything in the planner from setting aside time to create marketing content for my Holiday sales to dedicating time to create additional jewelry pieces that are popular during the Holidays.  I also use the Pomodoro technique when completing each of my tasks so that I’m sure to stay on track, but still manage to take breaks get other things done as well.  My office space is also neatly organized into 3 stations, a packaging order station, jewelry creation and supplies station and administration area where I can work on my product listings, work on my website and etc;

Holiday Organization



My marketing plan for the Holiday Season is always extremely detailed since it’s the biggest shopping time of the year.  When creating my marketing plan I also keep in mind that I’m competing with big retailers as well.  I design handmade jewelry, so having deeply discounted items are just not feasible or financially friendly to my bottom line.  However, this gives me a chance to brainstorm and get crazy creative.  For example, this year I’ve created a Holiday DIY Style Gift Guide where once customers sign up to my list they’ll receive the gift guide as well as access to coupon codes and sales I’ll be having throughout the Holiday season,  Holiday Party Looks and other great Holiday centric ideas.  I use this time to not only attract new customers, but interact with current ones as well.  Pinterest and Instagram are also major platforms in my marketing strategy.  Last year I did an Instagram giveaway contest called “Holiday Party Attire” where users would post pictures of their Holiday Attire with a particular hashtag and got a chance at winning a jewelry item from my shop.  This year my big push is “Jewelry Item of the Week” where each week for the next month  customers can receive that item near my wholesale price for that week only.  Last week it was my Hand Stamped Wine Charms and this week it’s the Geometric Floating Cuff Links for Men.  Running a sale like this allows me to remain profitable, but gives my customers a chance to try something new as well in my shop.

Holiday After Hours Party Look

Holiday Glam Night Out

A look for the Holiday Party that starts late and goes on all night long.  This look is simple, but the skirt gives it a little glam feel.  Be sure to sign up to our list to receive our Holiday DIY Style Guide.

Make It Monday Holiday Series: DIY Holiday Cards

Holiday Season is here and to celebrate every Monday for the next month will be Holiday centric.  To kick off the Holiday series, here’s a simple DIY Holiday card.  If you are a crafter then you probably have all of the materials already, which makes it even better.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our list to receive our Holiday DIY Style Guide.

Get Your Copy of Our Holiday DIY Style Guide


Have you joined our list yet?  This Holiday Season we are giving away our Holiday DIY Style Guide, with easy to do DIY styles that you can use for gifts our to help style your look for your upcoming Holiday Party.  We’ve even included a neat idea for entertainment decor if you’re hosting a Holiday shin-dig.  Just sign up to our list and your guide will be delivered to your inbox.

If you haven’t already check out our newest Shimmer Holiday Collection and don’t forget today is the last day to get your Personalized Handstamped Wine Charms for 40% off.

Holiday Style The Conservative Look and Shhhh…Black Friday Sales

Happy Friday!  Today we’re kicking off the Holiday Season with a classic and simple look for those who will be attending relatively conservative Holiday parties.  It is possible to have a little Holiday glam, but still keep it simple. We’re also revealing information on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales…exciting right?!  Enjoy your weekend and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to our list, you will not want to miss out on all the goodies we’ll be giving away this Holiday Season.

Holiday Party Style - Conservative

Black Friday Sale

Personalized Wine Charms and Decatur Wine Festival

Decatur Wine Festival

I attended the Decatur Wine Festival this past weekend.  Once again it was a complete hit and I’ve compiled my absolute favorites.  My only gripe was there weren’t too many food options for this vegetarian girl!  Oh well…the wine was on point though.  I did something special this year at the festival and gave away my newly added Personalized Hand Stamped Wine Charms to 1o lucky ladies.  If you missed me at the festival or weren’t one of the lucky 10, don’t worry Wine Charms are the “Jewel of the Week” and are 40% off this week only :)

Sweet Red Wine

Mad Housewife, Stella Rosa-Stella Rosso, Stella Rosa-Stella Black, Mad Houswife-Sweet Red, Roscato-Rosse Dolce

Favorite Red Wines

Home Grown Barbera, Chateau Bonnet-Bordeaux, Trapiche Broque – Malbec, Souls Sister – Pinot Noir, Drops of Jupiter

Delicious White Wines

RELAX – Riesling, Piquitos, Pacific Rim – Sweet Riesling, Pacific Rim – Riesling, Montesinos – Macabeo

Wine charm jewelry item of the week