Gift Ideas : Personalized Jewelry & Wine Accessories

etsymatch personalized gift for valentine's fb


Valentine’s Day is a great time to give a gift that’s personalized.  Personalized jewelry are great options for both men and women.  Personally, I love designing personalized jewelry pieces for my customers.  It gives me honor to be a part of a process that is sentimental to a fellow customer.  You want to know a secret?  Sometimes I’ll design 2 custom pieces for an order just to see which one I like better before shipping it to my customer.  I want to make sure that it’s a perfect fit.

This Valentine’s Day give your loved one a gift that he/she will remember.  Some of my customer favorites are personalized cuff links and necklaces .  Here are some other personalized gift ideas.  What gift would you love to receive this Valentine’s Day?  Drop me a comment!  Be sure to subscribe to my list for more wonderful updates on my designs and DIY style tips.

Personalized Wine For Valentine


Make It Monday: Cleaning Your Uggs Boots

Cleaning you Uggs - DIY

As we can tell winter is well underway and so is boot season.  With a blizzard getting ready to hit the Northeast your Uggs will need a good cleaning as you trudge through the snow, dirt and salt.  Now you do have the option of purchasing the Uggs cleaner, but if you are like me and didn’t purchase it I found that this process worked great.  There are some techniques posted on Youtube where you submerge the entire boot into water, however, I was a bit afraid to do that so I came up with this technique.  Hope you enjoy it.  Be sure to subscribe to my list for more tips, jewelry sales and DIY style looks.

Things Needed:

A spray bottle with water

Basin or bucket filled with 1/2 gallon of warm water

1 tsp of baby shampoo

1/4 cup of white vinegar

Bottle brush

An old clean towel

Suede protector spray

A few old washcloths or t-shirts or gift wrapping tissue paper

Cleaning Uggs Step 1

Step 1.

As you can see my Uggs just about “had it.” This is the result of going through 3 winter seasons without being cleaned at all!  The first thing you want to do is take the bottle brush and lightly brush any excess dirt off your boots.  Brush the boot in one direction gently away from you. Then spray entire boot with the spray bottle.  You want the boot to be nice and wet, but not drenched.

Cleaning Uggs step 2 and 3                                                 Step 2.

Add baby shampoo and vinegar to basin of warm water and take the bottle brush and give the mixture a nice stir.

Step 3.

Dip bottle brush back into mixture then lightly begin brushing the boot, re-dipping the brush as you work all the way around the boot.  Be sure to brush gently and in one direction moving away from you.

Step 4.

Allow boot to dry away from direct sunlight at room temperature resting on an old clean towel.  Be sure to stuff the boot with either an old t-shirt, washcloth or tissue paper to keep its form while drying.  It usually dries completely after 24 hours.

Step 5.

Spray suede protector over boots once they are completely dry.  Now you are good to go.

2014-11-29 13.38.32




Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday everyone!  It just seemed like the Holidays were just over now we’re onto the next one.  Just wanted to remind you of our cut off to place your orders for Valentine’s Day, especially if you are looking to “Personalize for Your Valentine.”  The personalized jewelry option is especially popular this time of year, so be sure to place your order early at our Etsy Store.Valentine's Day Holiday Deadline

Capricorn Season!

Capricorn Earrings

Happy New Year!  I know I’m five days late, but I took time off to enjoy the Holiday Season and I must say it was a great one!  I’m a little late posting this, but Happy Birthday to all the Capricorns out there. In honor of your season our Capricorn Zodiac Earrings are 20% off during your birthday season!

A Special Holiday Thank You!

Holiday Thank You

I must say I was very blown away this Holiday Season.  Wow!!!  This was absolutely the busiest Holiday I’ve had since I established The Pink Locket and opened up my Etsy store in 2008.  A week ago I was putting Aiden  in his car seat and he heard the “Cha-Ching” sound go off on my phone.  With a confused look on his face he says “Mommy what’s that sound?” I said, “That means we got another Etsy Sale! Yayyy!” and he smiles.

This Holiday was full of surprises indeed, not only did The Pink Locket make record sales, but I was able to partner with amazing individuals like blogger Courtney Creer of Believe In Style on a giveaway.  In addition, I was able to work with Kabbage and Modani Furniture and create blog posts and fashion mood boards.   Considering The Pink Locket is a one woman show (smile), I work full- time, have a husband, raising three wonderful boys and two dogs (yes they require attention too), and I peg away at DIY projects  – that’s not too shabby I’d say.

I’d like to take this time out to say THANK YOU to all my customers, new and old.  You continuously help me to strive to do better and be better, whether it’s challenging my limits as a jewelry designer or business woman.  There are times when I get frustrated and feel like hanging up my wire cutters, but you motivate me to be better not just with The Pink Locket, but in everything from my career to personal life.  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and many blessings and positive vibes to you in the New Year.

Also, if you’ve placed a jewelry order prior to 12/16 you should receive your order shortly, if you haven’t already.  All orders placed on 12/16 and after will not be received until after 12/25/14.

Thank You and Happy Holidays!




Make It Monday: Shimmer Inspired Jewelry Stand

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining other creative entrepreneurs at CNC’s Annual Holiday Market.  I don’t do a lot of shows, but when I do I like to change up my displays a bit.  Operating on a shoe string budget, I needed a way to nicely display Statement Rings .   I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest and used it as my inspiration from Planet Blue:

jewelry stand_inspiration

Gathering some tools and supplies I had laying around I was able to create this white and gold accent jewelry stand to display my handcrafted Statement Rings beautifully.

Jewelry Stand

Here are the simple steps to create your own!

Jewelry Stand Instructions


Make a Statement with these Rings

Statement Rings_EtsyGifts

When I first started my Etsy store, statement rings was the most popular item.  Well this week my statement rings are the “Jewelry Item of the Week,” meaning they’re 40% off (offer expires 12/13/14).