Make It Monday: Decorating Pumpkins

Sharpie Oil Paint Markers

Now that fall is in full swing and daylight savings is this weekend, everyone seems to be in the fall spirit. This is probably the prettiest time of year with temperatures I love!  A few weeks ago I posted an Instagram picture of the Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers that I couldn’t wait to try out.  I decided to use them to decorate the pumpkins for my front porch.  What I like most about these paint markers is the dry time, projects dry in the matter of minutes.  Check out my newly decorated pumpkins.

Decorating Pumpkins

Make It Monday: Ginger Zest Orange Juice

photo ginger zest


This weekend I was feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to make some freshly squeeze orange juice and add some ginger zest to it.  Now if you’ve ever had freshly squeezed orange juice you know that it taste much different than regular store bought orange juice.  For this recipe I pulled out my good old citrus juicer and squeezed away!  I used 12 oranges which yield about 3 cups of juice.  After juicing I poured into a glass bottle and added the ginger zest.  Oranges really do a body good, they help lower cholesterol, fight viral infections, fights cancer and is even great for your skin.  In addition, ginger helps to relieve stomach aches and nauseousness. Simple and easy!

Don’t Forget to Shop Pink This Month


Design Courtesy of Health Perch

Don’t forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Early detection helps to increase the survival rate, which is why we support organizations like The Witness Project of CT that help women in under served communities or without insurance to receive mammograms.  If you haven’t purchased your PINK Glory ring there’s still time.  50% of the sale of each ring will be donated to the Witness Project.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Shop Pink


Transforming This Old Foot Stool Into a Beauty

I completely missed the “Make It Monday” post so I’m making up for it with this “Transformation Tuesday.”  Let’s just say “life” caught up with me along with Aiden being sick.  It’s good thing my sister in law posted this beautifully transformed foot stool to her Facebook page on Sunday!  I was so in awe of its beauty that I had to post it.  This foot stool is over 20 years old and it still maintains the foundation structure, which is impressive.

Be sure to follow her Facebook page she’s a superb baker and designs these cute cake tiers.

If you haven’t purchased your PINK Glory Ring for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there’s still time.  Remember for every sale of the ring 50% of each sale will be donated to The Witness Project of CT.

Transformation Tuesday

How Should I Wear It?

TGIF!  There are so many jewelry style trends out there now that I decided to share a few of my favorite ones.  The key to a trend is not to over do it and to make it your own.  Here are some cute styles I found on Pinterest of a few of my favorite trends.  I’ve even added a new board called “Styling With Jewelry” be sure to follow it!


Layering Bracelets

This is a great way to get a minimalist stacking chain bracelet look.  What I love most about this look is that it’s personalized with the hand stamped chain bracelet.  Simple goes a long way!


Back Necklaces

Back necklaces became a resurrected style from the 1920s when Anne Hathaway adorned the red carpet at the Oscars with her gleaming and stunning necklace.  The key to wearing a back necklace is the necklace has to fit the plunging back.  I love how this necklace flows with the contour of the back line.



Multiple Rings

This trend has to be my absolute favorite one, multiple rings.  It looks even better when you finish the look with a deep colored nail polish like the burgundy color in this picture. The key to this trend is to keep the rings on 3 fingers and not all of them.   Play up the shapes and even try mixed metal looks.

What are some of your favorite jewelry style trends?  Be sure to subscribe to my list for more style tips.  Also, if you haven’t gotten your PINK Glory ring yet, you can still purchase it.  I’ll be donating 50% of each sale of rings sold to the Witness Project of CT.






My Inspiration Comes From…

When people ask where I get my inspiration from when creating jewelry designs I draw a complete blank and am at a loss for words.  I could say “I draw inspiration from the shapes of the clouds” or “the colors of sunset” (sounds nice and deep right?), but that wouldn’t be completely true.  To be honest majority of my inspiration comes from my customers. I pay attention to what items sell, what colors are purchased, the feedback they give, the suggestions that they make and pictures they send me wearing the jewelry they’ve purchased from me.  That’s the real deal inspiration for me.  I could sit here all day and draw inspiration from external sources and create something lovely, but if my customers don’t love it then what’s the point.

One of item that received much attention from my customers is the Gold Brass Envelope Necklace below.  It’s one of the designs that I have continuously worked on to make it my “own” over time.  Every time I’ve sat down to create a modified version to it I found my self making it more and more personal.  Recently I took a completely different angle when designing the newest modified version of it (3rd picture).  I even added a little “textured” look by hammering it a bit.  This version comes hanging from a 14kt gold filled chain to give it a more timeless appeal.  Since I’m all about personalizing I even added a hand stamped option in the listing.  Hope you like you.

With the Holidays approaching you’ll find more stylish holiday DIYs so be sure to subscribe to my list.

Gold Envelope Necklace