My Favorite Spring Flat Shoes

you're the greatest!

We all know a few nice pair of flats are closet must haves year round.  I usually don’t buy flats that are too expensive for the simple fact that by the following year I need to replace them.  However, over the years I have learned that if there is one thing you should invest in it is your shoes and comfort is a must (especially with flats).

On one of my Target trips one day I decided to peruse the shoe section to check out their selection of flat shoes.  I was blown away by the selection, then I started trying them on to see how comfortable they were.  Now there are two types of shoes I refuse to “wear in” and those are sneakers and flats.  I came up with a rating system to rate the ones I loved below:

Brand: Brand’s Name

Cuteness: Scaled 1 through 5. (1 being not very cute and 5 being beyond cuteness)

Comfort: Scaled 1 through 5. (1 being bunion city and 5 being very very comfortable)

Price: Scaled 1 through 5.  (1 being not worth the price and 5 being nicely priced)

Overall Score: 3 through 15 (15 being the best bang for your buck)

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Merona Bernice Taper Toe  Ona Scrunch Flats

Ona Scrunch flats in floralStudded Flats from Target Xhilaration Shae Black Flats


What Are Your Dreams and Inspiration?

I’ve attended many conferences before, but I have to say attending the Dream Symposium a few weeks ago was one of the best ones I’ve ever attended.  Have you ever had the feeling that an particular opportunity has come along at the perfect time?  That’s exactly how I felt when I was gifted a ticket to attend this conference from The Finance Bar (thank you to my sis Style & Vibes for tagging me in the Instagram post too or else I would not have known about it), and I was so grateful for the opportunity.  There was just one special element about this whole experience that made it so worthwhile, and it was the energy of the people who came to share their dreams with everyone.

The one take away that has left a lasting impression on me, is the definition of  Stretch.  One’s “Stretch” is the expansion that is necessary to become the better you.  It’s meant to make you uncomfortable and let’s face it, when has a dream ever came to fruition without a little discomfort.   Achieving your goal is more about the learning process it took to get you there rather than just simply achieving the goal.  These thoughts really helped me to assess the various goals I’ve set for myself.



The Egami team did a wonderful job with choosing the speakers for the conference as well.  I came back with half my notebook filled with notes and takeaways.  One of the speakers there was Soledad O’Brien, who I admire very much and even had an opportunity to personally ask her a question.  There was one thing that she said that really stuck out and it had to do with finding value in what you don’t want to do.  We’re always told to find value in what we are doing, that we lose sight that there’s also value in the things we don’t like or don’t want to do as well.


She even touched on the term “Work-Life Balance” and if you are a working mom, with a family, career, goals and aspirations you know we LOVE that term.  You want Soledad’s take?  There’s no such thing as Work-Life balance, we manage it to the best of our ability and try to figure out where to put your focus at the right time. Now there’s definitely truth to that advice!

Then we had the opportunity to experience probably one of the most energetic and funniest speaker I’ve seen, Mr. Jonathan Sprinkles. Thanks to Jonathan I now know what a “hamburger pimp” is!  Jonathan also stressed that people do business with people they know, like and trust and the importance of not letting what we don’t know get in the way of of what we do know.

You have to be more committed t


We also had the honor of experiencing a chat with The Dream Giver himself, Bruce Wilkinson.  His delivery was very on point, I don’t think there was a single soul that couldn’t connect with what he spoke about.  His exact words were “If you value being safe over your dream then you’ll never fulfill your dream.”  See how this relates to your “stretch?” Bruce stressed the importance of bootstrapping your dream and even said it’s okay to have doubts, but it’s not okay to stay in doubt.  I think I may be adding one of his books to my summer reading list.

Your dream has to be


I must say I can’t wait for the next Dream Symposium and this time I won’t be attending alone, I’ll be bring five people with me.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, this is definitely a conference that everyone can benefit from.

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Summer Collection Is Here

I love the color turquoise, sometimes I think I should have named my business The Turquoise Locket instead of The Pink Locket :) .  Turquoise and gold were the inspiration behind my new summer collection called Mediterranean Style.  It’s a fresh clean collection with accents of color here and there.  Looks great worn in a minimalist style or even stacked to show more of a statement.  Check them out on my Etsy site.

Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I try to buy my mom keepsake and memorable gifts, as do most people.  There’s just something about a personal gift that makes it great.  Now my mom is the type if you ask her she’ll tell you, “Buy me a bottle of perfume,” she’s a perfume lover for sure.  My sister and I are always like, you must want something else.  This Mother’s Day I’ve added a new jewelry piece to my personalized jewelry collection, check out my new two tone initial disc pendant necklace.  It’s so lightweight and looks great layered with another delicate necklace.

Gift Ideas for Mom


If going the personalized route is not your Mom’s thing, maybe she’s a fashion forward lover.  In that case my array choices of statement rings also make great gifts.

Mother's Day Promo jewelry



Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for more gift ideas for your mom. Remember there’s free shipping on orders over $25 and the deadline to place your Mother’s Day Order is May 3rd.

Make It Monday: Home Decor Metal Lanterns


Metal Lanterns DIY

I’ve been meaning to make these metal lanterns for quite some time now.  I first got the idea from browsing through West Elm’s decor section (below).


Looking for ways to spruce and refresh the decor in my living room, on a budget of course, I was looking for something simple yet very stylish.  After a trip to Hobby Lobby and $7 later (yes I used a 40% off coupon), I walked out with a nice size perforated metal sheet. I was able to make 6 lanterns from 1 sheet of metal. Definitely impressed with the results, I’ve shared my version of creating something similar in the video below.  I hope you enjoy this Make It Monday, be sure to subscribe to my list for more posts like these and other stylish tidbits.


Make It Monday: Taking You On a Refreshed Decor Office Tour

Office Design Refresh


Now that spring has arrived, I decided it was time for an office/jewelry studio refresh.  It was time to re-organize and purge and I have to admitted, I never thought purging items could be so therapeutic.  The biggest project of them all was re-designing a gem of an armoire which my fellow Thrift Wives found for me at Goodwill.  Furniture makeovers can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to painting.  There’s always the fear of “will this turn out right?”  The great thing about DIYs is you can always start again.

2015-02-27 14.34.35

Jewelry Work Station Armoire DIY


I’m not going to lie, painting this was a task and moving it upstairs to my office was a behemoth of a task.  Tinkering with the idea of painting it a really funky color, I settled on the color black and painted the knobs gold. I figured simple is best since I don’t plan on moving from its current spot.  The biggest need that I have when it comes to creating jewelry is I need space to spread my items out, but also be able to hide the mess so that I can function effectively when I’m not creating.  What I love most about the armoire is that it has doors that I can just close up when I’m done, and then go back to working when I need to.

Inside Armoire


Office Organization 5

Office Organization 4

Those memory and photo boxes are also a great way to organize my tools, supplies and other office items.  Those wonderful magazine holders are also organization life savers, not to mention they are budget friendly.  I re-used and re-purposed a lot of items I already had, just so I did not have to spend a lot refreshing the look and feel.

Office Organization 2


Office Organization 1


Now let’s talk about accessorizing, every office needs pretty things to look at.  I made what I like to call a “pretty wall.”  I plan on adding an accent little chair and my “pretty wall” will be the background for all my DIY videos that I plan on creating.



Office Decor Design 1


I even made use of empty spaghetti glass jars and coffee tin cans, just added a little spray paint and boom they become pretty storage items.


Office Decor 3



What are some of your spring refresh decor looks?  Please drop me a comment and be sure to sign up to my list for more style ideas and DIY posts.


It’s #GivingTuesday and I’m Giving Away RAW Tickets



I just want to say thank you to each person that has purchased a ticket to the RAW Exposure showcase here in Atlanta on Sunday, April 19th.  Most importantly, thank you for truly supporting independent artistry.  I will be sending out your “thank you” gifts (earrings or cuff links) later next week and I hope you love them.  Be sure to wear them and tag me on social media if you take any pictures of yourself wearing them :)

Now if you are still interested in attending the RAW Exposure showcase and would like to purchase a ticket for $15, you can email me at with your name and in the subject line put “RAW Ticket.”

Now for the biggie….since it is #GivingTuesday I’m also giving away 3 tickets today to the next 3 people who subscribe to my list.  Don’t worry I never spam the only thing I provide you with is lovely style ideas, DIY tips/projects and new jewelry stuff I’m creating about 2-3 times a month.